surgical treatment for nail infections

Does your foot hurt due to an ingrown toenail? You need to get an ingrown nail surgery done to remove the infection. Nicky Bryan-Harris has the experience and the expertise to perform the surgery professionally and effectively. If you are concerned about the pain, you need not worry. Nicky Bryan-Harris works with local anesthesia that can numb the foot and reduce the feeling of pain.

She also specializes in fungal nail treatments and verruca treatment. You can depend on her for complete foot health-related treatments, including chipped nails.

thorough biomechanical assessments

If you are finding it difficult to move around, you can come to Nicky Bryan-Harris. She specializes in biomechanics and she can examine your condition to determine the specific cause. Her treatments include the following:
• Foot pain treatment
• Hard skin removal 
• Heel pain treatment
• Ingrown toenail treatment
• Insole fitting
• Orthotics

If you are suffering from pain in the hip, knee or foot, you can do a biomechanical assessment with Nicky Bryan-Harris. Get in touch for more details.  

foot care services

Nicky Bryan-Harris delivers a range of foot healthcare treatments including:

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    athletes foot treatment

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    Verruca treatment

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    Bunion treatment

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    Fungal nail treatments

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    Ingrown nail surgery

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